Volunteering at Russell Boating Club

We are a volunteer club and most activities that you see around you happen because a fellow member volunteered their time and effort. There are many small, medium and large tasks that members can contribute to help keep our club shipshape and on course.


Social Events and Activities socialcommittee@russellboatingclub.org.nz

Help promote an event

Call friends to invite them to event

Help with setup & decorations Take photos of event

Help with event clean-up

Write a summary of event for mainsheet

Organize a movie or talk night Help w/interclub tournament in September

Plan and organize a Club event Help sell tickets for an event

Help sell raffle tickets

Help with fundraising & 40k challenge

Help with Tall Ships

Thank another volunteer for their efforts

Help send thank-you’s after eventspage2image5932288

Publicity – publicity@russellboatingclub.org.nz

Write an article for mainsheet

Post to Facebook

Take photos of events and activities around club

Create content to add to website

Create artwork for web and mainsheet

Tell friends about the Club

Help with club mailings to members


Help maintain and repair Club runabout

Help maintain and repair youth sailing dinghies and Club lasers

Help instructors with youth sailing classes

Help manage Club races, starts and timekeeping, results

Take photos of races and youth sailing classes

Offer to take new members for a sail

Light fireplace

Turn outside lights on / off

Volunteer as a Chef’s assistant

Help wash dishes and mop floor

Help deliver food to guests

Refill salt and pepper shakers

Volunteer as a bar assistant

Chat with a new member or guest

Ask people how their food is and if they

have any questions about the club

Clean dishes and glasses from tables

Tidy-up club at end of night

Pack up pool table at end of night

Launder bar towels

Take compost to community garden

Bring in any spare garden fruit for chef



If you have building maintenance skills or enjoy working around the house, help keep things in the order at the Club.

Come to Club working bees

Lead a working bee

Volunteer to be on call for emergency and

other misc. repairs

Report safety issues to Club officer and fix if straightforward

Conduct safety inspections

Help keep slipway clean of algae and mud

Help slip master with boat haul-outs

Tidy-up junk left lying around

Help with dock maintenance

Needed: plumbing help 



Help keep slipway clean of algae and mud

Help slip master with boat haul-outs
Clean-out pump sump
Help maintain winch equipment